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Jonas Reingold

Jonas Reingold is a 32-year-old bass guitar player from Malmö, Sweden. He started to play bass in 1986 when he subbed for a friend who was the bass player in the local famous act WIRE. The band was happy with his performance and offered him the spot. From 1988 until 1994 he studied music and achieved a master degree of fine arts in 1994.

Busy working as a session player between 1994 and 1996 he finally released his debut album as a band leader in 1995, which was called Sweden Bass Orchestra. It was a bass big band consisting of 5 bass players and a drummer. They also had a guest performance by Niels-Henning Orstedt Pedersen on the disc. Between 1996 and 1999, Reingold was busy recording with various artists and different projects, such as Midnight Sun, Reingold, Sand and Gold and a few others.

In 1999 he started to work with The Flower Kings, replacing Michael Stolt who moved on to other things, and is still a permanent member in the group. Right now he is involved with the Kings, Opus Atlantica and his own band; Karmakanic. Furthermore, he was involved with Time Requiem.

2002 had Reingold release the first album with his project Karmakanic; 'Entering The Spectra'. In 2003 Karmakanic released their second album 'Wheel Of Life' which was composed (again) completely by Jonas.

Reingolds unique composing style is main subject of critics. His music contains a unique mixture of pop, jazz and hard rock without becoming 'artificial' like many other acts in the 'prog rock' genre.

Karmakanics 3rd release is planned for 2006. =>>>>>>>>>>>

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Jonas Reingold is a multi-talented music man from Malmö, Sweden. He's a bass player, producer and composer who started his career in 1986 in a local band. He got his master's degree in fine arts in 1994 at the Malmö Academy of Music and has recorded with numerous musicians since then.

From fretted to fretless bass, from melodic symphonic / progressive rock to classic rock, sophisticated jazz rock and fusion, Jonas brings all styles to a level where his bass goes beyond simply being a rhythm instrument. He brings his bass up front to be a lead instrument. To date Jonas has recorded over 40 studio albums, produced tens of albums/singles for other artists and performed over 2,500 live shows.

Jonas has worked with artists like Roine Stolt and Tomas Bodin (The Flower Kings), Göran Edman, Krister Jonsson (both in Jonas’ own band Karmakanic), Zoltan Csörsz (Flower Kings, Karmakanic and Jonas Hellborg Trio) Niels Henning-Orsted Pedersen, Hans Lundin and Morgan Ågren (Kaipa), Richard Andersson (Time Requiem), Pete Sandberg, Andy Tillison (The Tangent), Hasse Bruniusson (Flower Kings, Samla Mammas Manna), Jocke JJ Marsh (Tomas Bodin, Glenn Hughes) and many more…

At this moment, early 2007, Jonas has finished recording bass guitar for the new Kaipa album, he is finishing producing the debut album of dutch progrock band Splinter and he is finishing recording and producing his new Karmakanic album. =>>>>>>>>>>>

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Monitors: Genelec 1031, QLN 102021, PVC control

Console: Yamaha 01v

Outboard: Focusrite ISA 430 dig exp., Focusrite ISA 220, Focusrite octapre 8 channels, DBX 586 2 channels, MDI- 400 2 channels preamp from a MCI mixing console, Tube Tech CL 1B, Alesis 3630

AKG c12v, AKG Solid tube, 2x Nueman TLM 103, Groove tube am 61, 4x Sm 57,
2x Beta 57, Beta 52, EV 737, 2 X AKG 414, AKG D 12,

Audio Interface and converters:
MOTU 1296, MOTU 2408 mk3, Apogee PSX-100, RME Hammerfall 9632.

Mac G4 2x1.25 ghz, Mac G4 450 mghz, 2xViewsonic 17", Lacie electron blue.

Software: Logic 6.4 pro

2x UAD 1, Tc works, Atmosphere, Moog modular V, The Grand,

Yamaha DX7, Novation K station, Novation Bass station, EMU E6400 ultra, Roland FP-5 digital piano.

Yamaha BB 3000 bass, Fretless custom made, Tanglewood ac. guitar, Ephiphon electric guitar.

Pearl export 8,10,12,14,16,22
15 different effect pedals for guitar and bass
Line 6, EBS etc.

Beyer dynamic, Sony, etc. (7 different)

EBS Fafner 800 w, EBS 1 preamp, Evulotion 4x12 cab, Hartke 2x10, Hartke 1x15

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